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Translation Checkers Review of “Going Deeper with the Greek New Testament”

A brief review of: Going Deeper with New Testament Greek
Kostenberger, Merkle and Plummer

As the content of this well written book apply to the specific mission of checking New Testament translations for presentation to tribal readers of multiple languages and dialects, there are certain but limited benefits available to the one doing the checking.

As a general rule, the function that I fill in translation checking makes the application of this material limited in purpose. Reason being; It’s one thing to have the ability to fine tune all the nuances of the source language (Greek) but when working with receptor languages (tribal) integrated into cultures unable to fully accommodate the source language definitions, languages with limited word count, restricted idiom exposure and syntax, the full application of all this material will often overreach the capabilities of the receptor languages. In that sense then, the design of the book is better suited for other applications.

That said; Are there benefits available in this volume? Unmistakably yes! The format will facilitate numerous situations in advancing interest in Greek studies. The combination of Greek grammatical study and syntax are a desirable feature. That the authors seem to have no theological or doctrinal “axes” to grind is much appreciated.

The quick reference guide offers the bereft of long term memory a convenient way to retain the usefulness of the book over greater periods of time.

If directly involved in the translation of the New Testament into tribal languages, this would likely be a “must have” for the endeavor.

R.C. Jones


This book is available at of from the Publisher B & H Academic.  Links below:


Amazon also has a Kindle edition available on the same page.

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Review of “Going Deeper With New Testament Greek”

Pastoral Review of “Going Deeper with New Testament Greek” (by Kostenberger, Merkle and Plummer)  2016 by BMH books.

In almost 30 years of pastoral ministry and after thousands of sermons, I as no doubt many other pastors who strive for textual clarity and accuracy, have accumulated quite a collection of academic grammatical tools to better serve the expositional art of unlocking the Greek text of the New Testament and Old Testament LXX.  None of these holds a candle in my opinion, to this great new work by Kostenberger, Merkle and Plummer.

“This is a grammar to be read, not just referenced” is perhaps the catch phrase of this volume.  (Who but the extreme student or perhaps the antisocial would cloister themselves with a Greek grammar to read…sort of like reading the dictionary!) Yet with this tool, the student of the Word is engaged with a readable work that blends the history of the Koine Greek, the time line of textual criticism, and the logic behind the art and science of Bible exposition in such a manner that it is truly enjoyable.

In addition, each chapter serves as a textbook, providing passages for rapid Greek reading and translation, as well as the syntactical analysis of said passage.  New vocabulary lists for memorization are provided, along with exercises for translation and exegesis, which focus on the theme of the chapter (be it cases, articles, verbs, etc.)

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the emphasis in chapter thirteen focusing on diagrammatical analysis, a lost art in many Greek exegesis classes today, yet essential for a clear visual reading of the flow of the text for thematic purposes. The illustrations on pages 452-456 are priceless!

The book comes with a three-paneled laminated chart for Greek Grammar and Syntax, sort of a “Quick Guide” for the textbook itself. (At additional cost but also sold separately.)  This tool is extremely accurate and helpful as a ready reference for those learning intermediate Greek grammar, as well as for those who may need a quick refresher course.

I whole heartedly encourage every student serious about handling God’s Word with accuracy to purchase these tools.

Author: Pastor Mike Deblois

The book is available at of from the Publisher B & H Academic.  Links below:


Amazon also has a Kindle edition available on the same page.

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