Discernment and Apologetics

Apologetics Press – Several free downloadable Ebooks and many apologetic studies online.

Answers In Genesis – Creation, Evolution and Christian Apologetics. Founder Ken Ham.

Christian World View – Perspectives on Christian World View

Clean Thinking – Logic and Hebrew 4 Christians

Cross Examined – Index of various resources

Fallacy Detective – Resource for parents wanting to help children think logically

Kjos Ministries – Apologetic research articles. Be sure to make use of links on the home page

Logos Research Associates – Searchable resource by scholars and scientists who faithfully to the Word

Market Faith – Making Worldview Practical – Radical discipleship

Nehemiah Institute – Christian world view testing

Probe – Worldview and Apologetics

Ratio-Christi – Student Apologetic Alliance – Searchable data base

Thinking Straight – Brief introduction to logic and argumentation

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